About Us

The School and Its Beginnings

Canlubang Christian School, Inc. (CCS) is a ministry of the Canlubang Christian Congregation (CCC). It is a non-profit, non-stock corporation governed by the CCS Board of trustees.

The vision for a Christian school as a ministry of CCC was born in 1983 but its realization began in June 1986 when a nursery school, called Hiyas Learning Center, started operating with an initial enrollment of ten pupils.

In 1988, church members voted to rename the school “Canlubang Christian School.” In the next five years, it continued to operate as a nursery school under the Rural Improvement Club.

In 1989, a kindergarten class was added. In July 1993, the Department of Education and Culture granted CCS its first government permit. In June 1995, CCS started its first Grade 1 class and each year after that, a grade level was added until the sixth grade. On May 26, 2001, DECS granted CCS full government recognition for its elementary curriculum..

In june 2005, CCS started operating its first class of 13 first year high school students. In March 2009, the Department of Education granted full government recognition for the secondary level curriculum. The first batch of thirteen senior high school students graduated on March 28, 2009.

The history of CCS is a story of God’s faithfulness. To Him be the glory!

Our Philosophy

CCS places itself under the authority of the Bible, the Word of God. What the Bible says is our standard for faith and living. We are committed to providing academic excellence as a service to the community and integrating Christian values in our curriculum.

We recognize each child as a gift from God with unique needs, talents, interests and potential. Thus, we provide a biblically-based education that deals with the intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional development of each child. This is done in collaboration with the students’ parents or guardians.

Our Mission

CCS is committed to bringing every student to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and assisting in the formation of well-rounded Christian citizens with a balanced education that:

  • is deeply rooted on biblical truths
  • seeks the intellectual and physical development of every child
  • supports the child’s psycho-social needs
  • inculcates nationalism, social responsibility and appreciation for independence.

Our Vision

CCS envisions the formation and growth of Christian children equipped with an education that will:

  • enable them to participate and contribute in their society
  • impact their family, workplace and society through changed lives founded on God’s Word.